Useful Art for Communities

Year in review - colourful hand-drawn illustration of hands

Pre-2019 history

2017 September First Project with Rethink Activism – the first prototype for the Clay Hands
2018 Development of Clay Hands, prototypes for Tiles and construction, workshops around Aarhus city
2018 March Useful Art for Communities organization was founded
2018 June First S.O.S workshop prototype with Solidarity Project
2019 July Sidesporet marginal community spray-paint project
2018 September Clay hands project at the Europaeisk frivillighovedstad Aarhus
2018 December Becoming Terrans project – a collaboration with Madrid based philosophers

2019 Winter

The year started with the continuation of the Clay Hands project and the demolition of B//Hus – Institut for (X) has lost its house of music, events culture, as well as Beatriz, lost her art studio. In respect to which Memorial B//Huset Project was created.

Starting from February, throughout the whole year, every Thursday we have been making UAC dinners!

2019 Spring
Continuing with Daily workshops at Aarhus Street food until March
In March we have started Public Kalas (improvisational music collective) monthly events!

Workshop in Brenderup Højskole in April marked the beginning of S.O.S workshop series.

2019 Summer

Accelerating the building process of the Area K – UAC studio container.
In July we started monthly free public (X)inema project
The ceremony of burning the ObjeXs & Affects in Transition public art piece. Box with the ashes is a gift for the architecture school that is being built in the place where the B//house once was.

2019 Autumn

In September, Xinema team has pitched and received funding from PUKK. Heartful, welcoming, well-decorated, experience cinema continues gaining popularity between Aarhusian youth.

Core UAC team is growing: we got the first communication intern – a Multimedia Designer Lina (22). After the internship period, Lina stayed in the organization and works voluntarily.

Process of creating a new digital identity starts with new Logo Design. We became part of and got access to G Suite for non-profits. It enabled an even more efficient collaboration and opening of mailboxes with uacartplatform extension.

This November UAC finally signed a 2 years agreement for exhibiting Clay Hands on the Folkestedet wall!

2019 Winter

Our first collaboration with a Kaospilot student team from alternative entrepreneurship school.

In total this year we have made:

3 events for B//hus memorial – positive gentrification workshop and a burning ceremony
19 Clay hands workshops, and 2 months of open art piece process in Aarhus Street Food
8 Kalas musical improvisation performances
4 Xinema screenings
20 S.O.S workshops