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artist/activist workshops

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How do we collaborate?

We curate art, support development and facilitate the artistic process of creating installations, monuments, events, workshops, shows and exhibitions. Our process is based on mentorship, sharing the essential tools for process to successfully implement the ideas in the public sphere.

Communities /Groups

We also collaborate and co-create with smaller groups and communities.


We collaborate with institutions and organizations like Ungdommens Folkemøde or Green Student Movement in curation of big projects, festivals, installations.


We facilitate, collaborate and host various events like artivist workshops and co-create installations, monuments and events.

About us

We are a nonprofit organization of artists and activists from various backgrounds and disciplines that empower individuals and communities that aim to advocate social and environmental justices by supporting and facilitating the development of their ideas and the implementation of all sorts of community-oriented artistic projects.

Useful Art for Communities

Art for social transformation.

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