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About Us

We are a collective of multidisciplinary artists activists and educators aiming to create community public art works. “The most impactful public art doesn’t just center community care: it is community care”. by Newell Flather Awardees. What we do: Public art as community care provides a space for communities to collectively experience joy, grief, and everything in between. It celebrates art, creativity, and expression, particularly when it comes from communities who have not been safe in public spaces and who have been excluded from traditional narratives of art and culture.


A world where people are empowered to solve social and environmental issues.


We create and use Artivism and SEA to engage people in democratic practices.

Artivism: connects art and activism. It focuses on how art in its multiple forms can embrace political intention, or how political action can become creative, poetic, sensorial. Artivism looks for new ways of political intervention, opens up new forms of disobedience and action that move beyond traditional paradigms of activism. This encounter between art and activism also shakes our representations of artistic practice, teasing it out of its usual circuits and habitats such as galleries and museums into the domain of daily life and public space. Art is not constrained anymore to the representation of reality but engages in its transformation.

SEA- Socially engaged art: describes art that is collaborative, often participatory and involves people as the medium or material of the work.

Our Core Values


The goal of UAC is social change and to make this happen, we need to create the sort of present that we want the future to become. Trust means that we accept and embrace that people have differences and come from diverse situations and trust that connecting these differences we can create great ideas and solutions. Trusting in each other also means acknowledging that we take responsibility and are accountable for our actions as individuals and also for our common work.


Courage means embracing vulnerability and using it to show who you really are, what really matters to you, and to make positive change. Courage also means that when there is a challenge or adversity, we confront it the best way we can and take it as an opportunity to grow in a positive way.


When the process of creation is shared by many people, different voices can be heard and different narratives can be told which makes for a more intricate artistic expression as a whole. Co-creation is an open process where audiences and citizens are invited to be part of the collaborative creative process and experience it together. No action is too small; when everyone contributes even just a small part, the result can be strong and positive because of the great effects of working together in co-creation.

UAC was created in Aarhus (Denmark) in 2018, the organization has extended its activities worldwide in the past years. 

♥️ Everyone is welcome. Come as you are. ♥️

Working Together For Social Transformation

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UAC’s goal is to bring socially-oriented art to the streets, to each individual house, and to the institutions and governments. Our art promotes such things as collective action, active participation and community care in public spaces, that enriches understanding of everyday life and of today’s world.

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