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CUNT workshop - let Them speak

Honour the Cunt! The well of life we all come from.
Everybody, no matter your age or sex, can join this creative workshop. We will make beautiful Cunts out of recycled materials while reflecting on how language can affect our sexuality…
It is an open spontaneous space where sharing and reflections are very welcome, learning by sharing and exploring through art.
It is a donation-based workshop, pay as you feel.
About the artist Sara
Sara is a passionate storyteller, doula and Mizan therapist, that has lived and studied traditional midwifery in a community in southern Spain (
Sara studied in the international school of storytelling and for the last 2 years had been working as an independent Mizan therapist, performing a holistic form of womb healing, involving an abdominal and sacral massage among other techniques.
She has travelled around supporting women and organising different events all related to growing awareness for womb health, birthrights and sacred sexuality.
About UAC
Useful Art for Communities (UAC) is an art platform and international community of passionate, creative people. Our main mission is to promote participatory art as a tool for social transformation.
We believe in the people’s power, and that we can all contribute to creating a more egalitarian society. We facilitate projects with a strong message, made by and for the people. We explore solutions to re-imagine ways of living that are more respectful towards each other and our planet.

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