Useful Art for Communities

The doors of perception.
A Journey of awareness from Kurdistan to Denmark

When one looks at a picture, they either glance at it and then scroll down, flip a page, or simply move away from the picture. For many years, in Europe, we’ve seen numerous journalistic photographs of countries at war. However, out of self protection and by the feeling of being useless, we’ve been desensitized and disengaged from the life happening a few thousands of kilometers away from us. From all around the world, people are rising to create a better, more fair world, but examples of positive alternatives are still lacking in order to inspire people, especially in the wealthiest countries, like Denmark. In order to confront the audience with new narratives, Anthéa Paitel proposes an immersive exhibition presenting the work of the photographer activist Ronan (@unwisemonkey), throughout his journey in Kurdistan. The audience is welcomed to walk through the installation and become a part of a picture, as engaging bodily with the space of the picture.