Useful Art for Communities

UD OG IND // Public Art Installation

With video and Sound made From Olivia Droob and Johan De Reybekill.
You Can Sunday experience – a 30 minutes live performance From Electronics Sound composer Johan de Reybekill visuals made by Olivia Droob at the architect studio Tegnestuen FEM (institut for X).
Johan De Reybekill aka Phaedrus an electronic music composer and artistic sound engineer, whose compositions swims in a lake of drone, ambient electronics.
The common denominator for his work is a preference and love for minimalism, digital processing errors and old media’s, especially tape media!
Selftought video creator Olivia Droob loves to Experiment with layers, transitions and melts. This effect makes you concentrate for exploring the bigger picture within the small all details.
For the night installation Johan had degenerated and reinterpreted through what Johan programmed and mainly uses in msp + eurorack modular Synthesizer. For the sound picture Johan tries to create a voltage field between reality and electronic to match Olivia’s expression. 🎶🎥
At 19:30 there was an Artists talk, where audience could engage on Q&A with the artists.