Useful Art for Communities

series of events and artistic research by Beatriz Gonzalez Rodriguez

Anxiety Project

This is a series that encompasses a collection of happenings, performances, and exhibitions curated by Beatriz as part of her research into the exploration of ‘ugly emotions‘ such as anxiety.

In 2022 Beatriz presents “Inner Widsdom” a performance hosted at Institut for (X) where she embodied her own anxiety, by meeting the uncomfortable feeling and embracing it in a way to copy with it. 

At the same time, it was a safe space for people to experience the healing process of sharing their perception about their own anxiety with others and collectively forming a community awareness panel about it. 

In January 2023 she presented her exhibition, “Conversations with Anxiety” at ARoS library 

In it, the artist and the visitors celebrated the power of sharing emotions and feelings such anxiety. 

In May 2023 Beatriz and Martina Rouskova presented “Walking off Anxiety”, an interactive performance to explore the therapeutic potential of body movement as a means of regulating anxiety in everyday life.

Both artists walked the audience through an experience full of struggle, compassion and enlightenment.

The project continues…