Useful Art for Communities


Cabaret Baubo

On a dark and cold depressing night, Lusus Theater found Baubo, the goddess of the Belly Laughter, according to Greek mythology. 

Now they all are “the fools who follow Baubo, and who want to spread her word”

Lusus means playfulness in Latin and it is what this group believe in and what they practice in their creative process and onstage.

Lusus Theatre arises from collaborative artistic processes, with cultural diversity as its core. 
With both Danish and international artists, the group aims to create and develop a space where stage art shortens gaps, builds bridges, and expands communication, bringing a sense of belonging for its members and its audience. 

Lusus Theatre aims to create original, relevant and significant work that emerges from the intercultural context of contemporary life.


cabaret baubo Dec 22 Svalegangrn