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MUSIC IMPROVISATION COLLECTIVE by Amidea Clotet and Jeppe Hjøllund


KALAS is an art platform of improvised music created in hope that musicians can more easily find each other, gather together, create, think, and share — for thought and art are collective activities — free from the conventions of the traditional concert form. This platform, therefore, wants to give musicians with different backgrounds (self-taught musicians included) a chance to explore new, non-traditional conceptions of sound and to help them be more conscious of the different creative aspects involved in their improvised performances. KALAS is completely egalitarian without teaching, as we value only experimentation and learning from new people, styles, and practices! Moreover, in addition to building a stronger community of alternative musicians in Aarhus, it aims at bringing improvised music to the general public and at opening their minds to other ways of understanding sound, its timing and structure. 

Kalas performs their concerts every 26th each month in different venues in Aarhus, where different constellations of emerging and experienced musicians gather together around improvising music, they also have an online platform where they share information about the different happenings and invite everyone who is interested to participate playing in future concerts.

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Before each performance the musicians who play that day, cook and eat dinner together, it’s a perfect moment to get to know, who will be the band that day and also conceptualize and coordinate the concert, all tho the music is always improvised.

Sound recording of all the concerts performed.

“All those who live in constant search and are open to new experiences, all those who love freedom and a great company are welcome”


The project is launched by two musicians, Amidea Clotet and Jeppe Hjøllund, in collaboration with Useful Arts for Communities.