Useful Art for Communities

This project wants to show the importance of the Institute for X (Aarhus K) for the community of Aarhus and the creativity and skills of its members. The book gathers images, comments, and descriptions from its members and visitors in order to raise awareness about the place and preserve a memory of it after its demolition in 28th of January 2019. This is a book which presents the Institute for X through the eyes of different people who have engaged in its activities or have just passed it by and found it interesting. Apart from documenting the Institute by recording various lived experiences, the book’s aim is to encourage its members and non-members to learn from each other. How is this book made?

  • Spreading flyers with the description of the place, giving talks about its history and demolition, organizing tours throughout the Institute, and having art performances
  • Gathering images in social media by tagging #memorialbhus
  • Welcoming works on the Institute by photographers, film makers, journalists, sociologists, and anthropologists
  • Organizing workshops about subjects such as alternative housing, positive gentrification, public landscape design, etc.

We also want to add this book to the historical archives of Aarhus!

In copartnership with Institut for X. Find more information in Memorial B//hus facebook page

This project was launched by Beatriz Gonzalez Rodriguez.