Useful Art for Communities

interactive installation 

by giovanna albani

Ocean Interspace of "Reflexion"

Planet Earth is also known as the Blue Planet in our solar system. The majority of the surface (≈71%) is covered by the oceans. As a coincidence the humankind is made up mostly of water (≈70%), which create a connection between the Blue planet and us.
The Ocean is the source of life since primordial age. What we know about this environment is very little and whole nature is endangered because of our lifestyle, in which we have the power to escalate pollution and lost in biodiversity right below the blue surface.
Therefore, one valuable initiative would be to spread the knowledge and curiosity about the marine ecosystem, to develop awareness and actions to preserve the Ocean. 

Take a different point of view, which contrast the anthropocentric and ego-centric view of humankind towards an eco-centric view. A point of view in which humans are placed in the ecosystem as part of it.

The goal was to create an interactive installation which will create a safe space to engage with the public and have the time to feel the space, recognize themselves towards the installation into the planet.

The installation aimed to channel people’s attention on climate emergency, by offering a space, a moment to slow down. The space grants the possibility to the audience to see the ocean truly in their eyes, and not only the reflection of themselves into the water.

The outline of the installation wants to recall the reflection of human figure as the planet, revealing to the audience the risks and damages that they generate in the ocean.