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Polymorph is a two-headed philosophy blog. A little two-headed monster. With two heads and two mouths. To speak of the evils of this world. And of other worlds of possibles and possible worlds that were, are, and will be. Two mouths and two heads. For a multitude of languages. And yet one single blog, one single little monster.

What feeds this little monster is questions. For philosophy is always about questions. Questions and not answers. Questions and their problems. And all they may allow us to dream of on, for example, being and becoming, thought and sensibility, sameness and otherness, capitalism and modernity, ecology and the body, cinema and tragedy, postcolonialism and indigenous conceptual worlds… 

A philosophy blog is neither a wise blog nor an informative blog, as philosophy has nothing to do with wisdom or information. Philosophy is a children’s game that makes life more fun and exciting! Yet children are very serious people too. They are actually many things: they observe life from all its corners, say yes to all its games, take all its masks, and become multiple things.

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This project is created by Sofya Gevorkyan and Carlos A. Segovia