Useful Art for Communities

Artivism Workshop by luzie ahrens


Public Affair is a non-commercial online radio from Aarhus, founded in April 2021. The vision is to establish a platform for the local community, which promotes collaboration and cultural expression through music, dialogues and events. Sharing the love for our neighbourhood and our love for music, this non-profit project is for all of those, who want to get involved – without any genre-borders. All radio contributors have the freedom to explore, play and curate music and genres that we truly dig ourselves.
The monthly broadcasted shows curated by Aarhus-based hosts with regular guests from in- and outside denmark. We let the platform grow into a network that unites individuals, leading to new collaborations between artists, labels and institutions (inter-)nationally. Our concept was incompatible with nationalism, racism, sexism, homophobia and discrimination in all it’s forms and we did not accept any collaboration which does not hold these values. This applied also to the music that was played.