Useful Art for Communities

SOCIALLY ENGAGED ART PROJECT by Beatriz Gonzalez Rodriguez

Sketching a Collective Public Artwork

This artwork consists in a series of happening, workshops and exhibitions that will go from October 2023 until April 2024.

During this period, the artist in residency Beatriz GR will engage with the community and  neighborhood of Folkehuset Ankersgade with the goal of designing collectively an art installation for the outdoor main entrance. An istallation that will arise a sense of ownership, belonging and inclusivity to the entire community.

In November, we initiated the project’s first phase with a series of workshops inviting participants to explore the concept of ‘open arms’ through artistic expressions such as drawing and sketching using only 3 main colours. The resulting drawings were showcased in an exhibition, reflecting diverse interpretations of the theme.

In January and February, Beatriz introduced the ARTbus stop as part of the creative process.

She revitalized an abandoned bus stop with a fresh coat of yellow paint, turning it into a vibrant hub for art activities. 

The rich program included theater, painting, performances, and storytelling, making it a dynamic and inspiring gathering place for the community.

The ARTbus stop has hosted more than 16 artists and events, attracting people in Aarhus who may have never noticed Ankersgade Folkehuset before.

In mid-February, the Photo exhibition “Past to Present: Our Neighbourhood Unveiled” opened to the public, becoming another part of Beatriz’s creative process. The exhibition was a journey through time, exploring the history of the place we now call the Folkehuset Ankersgade 21. Once a steam laundry factory, it has evolved into a vibrant community space.

It was a walk through old-time photos, narrating a story of the past, unveiling the daily life and memories that have shaped our community.
Additionally, a special tapestry, woven with clothes and stories donated by our neighbors, was exhibited, connecting the threads of the past to the vibrancy of our present community.

The project continues…