Useful Art for Communities

Community project by Catherine Vilain Dybro

Social Knitting Club

The project started in January 2023 and consists of monthly knitting club gatherings facilitated by Cathrine. The gatherings will be a combination of casual knitting sessions and meetings centred around different themes. 

Join us at our knitting club and follow the Facebook page for more updates and next events! 

As a grown up it can be difficult to form new relationships and make friends. In her own experience Cathrine finds it challenging to attend events where she doesn’t know that many people. You often don’t know what to say or what to do with yourself. But, Cathrine has discovered that knitting makes it a lot easier! Knitting gives you something to do while also sharing a common interest. You can help each other with that difficult knitting pattern, or you can ask the person next to you where they got that gorgeous yarn.
The purpose of the project is :

To create a safe space for social interaction through knitters

To build an strengthen the community among knitters in Aarhus 

To offer a free Knitting Club where everyone can join, regardless of class, gender og nationality

If you think a social knitting club sounds like your thing, then come and enjoy a coffee, cake, knitting and good company! No matter if you are a knitting veteran (like Cathrine, who’s been knitting since she was a child), or a beginner you are more than welcome, we’ll help each other.
We hope to see you there!