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Artivism Workshop by Sara Domingo Bräuner

Storytelling Circle

The idea with this event that happens every first Sunday of the month from 19:00 til 20:30 starting the 5 of August; is to create a open space were people can connect through storytelling, no matter your culture, age, your status or believes. Stories has always been a bridge to connect to yourself, other humans, nature and everything that surrounds you.

Stories comes in many forms and colors, they can be the ancient voices of cultures, they can be mirrors to the self, they can be expresion of our creativity, the healing of and old memory. Storytelling is the language of wonder, a language which we can build realities with…

So in this time were we desire a change, something new or something old to remember, stories can unite us to co-create the change we want to see in the world.

The intention of this event is to spark people’s creativity and imagination, breaking the modern bubble of consumption and entertainment. In this event people gather to actively listen and tell, co- creating a way of entertainment and reflexion that perhaps is a bit forgotten, but that has been existing from the very beginning.


The storytelling circles would be a donation based event of 1 and 30 h of “open mic” storytelling in which people that would like to share a story would have to sign up by contacting me, Sara, at the phone number 22123477 and they can get up to 10 min sloth. Of course listeners are very welcome you don’t have to bring a story to participate. There would be a little break in the middle of the event, were there would be warm tea. The donations would go to the firewood, tea and to UAC. I would be very happy to host this events, but my intentions is to share this project and to create a community of engaged storytellers that would like to contribute to host this events in the future.