Useful Art for Communities

Artivism Workshop facilitated by Sara Domingo Bräuner

Storytelling Circle

This is an open space for people to gather and share stories for the heart.

Welcome to our monthly storytelling event, where we invite you to join us in weaving connections through the magic of narratives. Regardless of your background, age, status, or beliefs, this space is open to all who wish to share in the power of storytelling.

Stories are the threads that bind us—they transcend cultural boundaries, serving as bridges between individuals, communities, and the world around us. Stories come in countless forms and shades, echoing the wisdom of ancient civilizations, reflecting our innermost selves, and lighting the fires of creativity.

Storytelling is the language of possibility, a tool for shaping the realities we envision. In a time when change beckons, stories possess the transformative potential to unite us in co-creating the world we aspire to inhabit.

Our gatherings aim to kindle the flames of creativity and imagination, offering a departure from the prevalent culture of passive consumption and entertainment. Here, among a culturally diverse group, we come together to engage in the timeless art of storytelling, reviving a tradition that has long been woven into the fabric of human existence.


Our storytelling circles are structured as donation-based events, featuring open-mic sessions where participants are invited to share their tales. Those interested in contributing their stories are encouraged to reach out to Sara at 22123477 to sign up for a slot of up to 10 minutes. However, storytelling isn’t just for the speakers—listeners are equally valued participants in our community. During a brief intermission, we invite you to enjoy a cup of warm tea as we collectively nourish our spirits.

Donations received during the event will support the procurement of firewood, tea, and our commitment to UAC. 

We aspire to cultivate a community of passionate storytellers who are eager to collaborate in hosting future events. Join us as we embark on this journey of shared storytelling, where every voice adds to the rich tapestry of our collective narrative.