Useful Art for Communities

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Public art Installation In collaboration with Den Grønne Studenterbevaegelse, Tearetet Svalegangen and Useful Art for Communities (UAC).

The relationship between humans and nature is wildly unbalanced which threatens the existence of both. Nature needs more space – also in Aarhus. Urban development is promoted with more space as the few places where plants and wildlife can thrive are claimed by the need for housing. As humans we are part of natural world, but like to distance ourselves from what we call “nature” as something we are not part of.

Is that really true? We are facing catastrophic human made climate change and a possible sixth mass extinction of life on Earth. Are we not nature?

The installation was available from 27th Aug to 5th Sep 2021 in the middle of Aarhus Festuge.

The interactive installation invited citizens not only to observe biodiversity or open dialog about climate issues we face in Aarhus but also the space offered the agency for citizen’s action, from taking a bag of seeds and spread out around the city and to writing a letter to the politicians.

Below, the pamphlet introducing the installation.


During the days that the installation was displaced in the public space next to the Tearetet Svalegangen, Ryesgade street, we collected 127 letters and around 300 people interacted with the installation. Den Grønne Studenterbevaegelse community will deliver the message to the politicians before the council election 2021 Aarhus.