Working Together For Social Transformation

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UAC’s goal is to bring socially-oriented art to the streets, to each individual house, and to the institutions and governments. Our art promotes such things as collective action, active participation in public spaces with transformation of the city, and enriched understanding of everyday life and of today’s world. Therefore, we are eager to help anyone who may have an artistic project meeting such goals.

We support the artistic development of emerging artist, also if you are coming from other professional fields and had an idea for social transformation and wanted to give an artistic approach to it you are very welcome to co-create a project with us— we strongly believe that everyone has a creative side and UAC aims precisely at encouraging awareness of this. So don’t be shy if you have never done art before!.

“Is it your proposal socially transformative?” If the answer is yes, then do not hesitate to contact us to

However, if you want to become an everyday artivist by volunteering in the many activities we organize, message us via Facebook, Instagram or email <3 !


Everyday Artivists