Useful Art for Communities

Clay Hands

Artivism monument initiated by Beatriz Gonzalez Rodriguez The People’s Monument Clay Hands This project is inspired by the Cueva de las Manos (Argentina) made 13,000 to 9,000 years ago. It is a monument for the community of Aarhus made by the citizens of this city (collecting 400 different tile hand prints). The Clay Hands symbolize […]

ObjeXs & Affects in Transition

Artist installation initiated by Beatriz Gonzalez Rodriguez Objexs and Effects In Transition ObjeXs is an art installation in memory of the Institute for X, which was partly demolished in Aarhus in 2019. It is a gift to the college of architecture built in X’s place of birth. It attempts to counter-actualize—that is to say, to give […]

Becoming Terrans

Artivism Workshop byby Sofya Gevorkyan and Carlos A. Segovia. Becoming Terrans Becoming “terrans” is a continuous art project consisting in multiple workshops and performances. In it we want to engage in an embodied and socio-ecological reimagining of the world(s) in which we can live, inspiring ourselves in indigenous communities of all over the world as well as in […]

Memorial B//HUSET – Public Documental Book

This project wants to show the importance of the Institute for X (Aarhus K) for the community of Aarhus and the creativity and skills of its members. The book gathers images, comments, and descriptions from its members and visitors in order to raise awareness about the place and preserve a memory of it after its […]

Sidesporet Community

COMMUNITY COLLABORATION by Manoel Quitério Santos Sidesporet Community In this art project which lasted two days the inhabitants of Sidesporet used wall painting to decorate their space of leisure. The marginal community of Sidesporet felt cared for, creative and joyful during the project, which made us feel both useful and happy. Sidesporet Community Back to Projects

Rethink Activism Festival

ORGANIZATION COLLABORATION Rethink Activism Festival Rethinking Activism Festival is made of workshops and a happening which lasted for 3 days in September 2017 regarding activism in the city of Aarhus. The proposal of UAC in this festival was to invite people to became part of the WallHands workshop, which was an experiment and a kick-start for […]