Useful Art for Communities

Social Knitting Club

Community project by Catherine Vilain Dybro Social Knitting Club The project started in January 2023 and consists of monthly knitting club gatherings facilitated by Cathrine. The gatherings will be a combination of casual knitting sessions and meetings centred around different themes. Join us at our knitting club and follow the Facebook page for more updates […]


Useful Arts for Communities x Kosmologym Assemball An event, during which players explored human organizational structures by precariously binding them together for a game of bondage basketball.Jerseys and connectors turned teams into visual representations of various hierarchical and non-hierarchical organizations. Kosmologym is an art and game design collective.Our games challenge players to encounter others (human and […]

Flâneurs of X+K: An Itinerant Conjuring

NYC BASED @FLUXFACTORY ARTISTS GIL LOPEZ & KALON HEYWARD AND LOCAL PERFORMERS Flâneurs of X+K: An Itinerant Conjuring An evening stroll (re)discovering the hidden treasures and future histories of place. Bringing our personal, ecologic, industrial and other cultural knowledge to light and imaginations to share as we redefine our mental maps and place in time […]

Alchemical Ritual As De-Colonial Repair

Artivist workshop Alchemical Ritual As De-Colonial Repair This series offered a personalized workshop series using ritual as de-colonial repair. The workshop walked community members 1:1 through a ritual using the 5 elements, physical movement (embodied wisdom), personal objects + spaces, and sometimes public objects + spaces to generate soul retrieval. Soul retrieval is a process […]

Meet Up for Artists in Social Practices

Useful Art for Communities Meet Up for Artists in Social Practices Series of meetings with social artists seeking to find a meeting point according to essential aspects of the same movement in order to consider creating a community that contributes to the generation of a long-term advocacy plan. During the meet-ups we connect and share […]

You Are Nature

Initiated and curated by Den Grønne Studenterbevægelse  & curated by beatriz gonzalez Rodriguez You areNature Public art Installation In collaboration with Den Grønne Studenterbevaegelse, Tearetet Svalegangen and Useful Art for Communities (UAC). The relationship between humans and nature is wildly unbalanced which threatens the existence of both. Nature needs more space – also in Aarhus. Urban […]

Ocean Interspace of “Reflexion”

interactive installation  by giovanna albani Ocean Interspace of “Reflexion” Planet Earth is also known as the Blue Planet in our solar system. The majority of the surface (≈71%) is covered by the oceans. As a coincidence the humankind is made up mostly of water (≈70%), which create a connection between the Blue planet and us.The […]

Clay Hands

Artivism monument initiated by Beatriz Gonzalez Rodriguez The People’s Monument Clay Hands This project is inspired by the Cueva de las Manos (Argentina) made 13,000 to 9,000 years ago. It is a monument for the community of Aarhus made by the citizens of this city (collecting 400 different tile hand prints). The Clay Hands symbolize […]

ObjeXs & Affects in Transition

Artist installation initiated by Beatriz Gonzalez Rodriguez Objexs and Effects In Transition ObjeXs is an art installation in memory of the Institute for X, which was partly demolished in Aarhus in 2019. It is a gift to the college of architecture built in X’s place of birth. It attempts to counter-actualize—that is to say, to give […]

Becoming Terrans

Artivism Workshop byby Sofya Gevorkyan and Carlos A. Segovia. Becoming Terrans Becoming “terrans” is a continuous art project consisting in multiple workshops and performances. In it we want to engage in an embodied and socio-ecological reimagining of the world(s) in which we can live, inspiring ourselves in indigenous communities of all over the world as well as in […]