Useful Art for Communities

Open Day UAC 2023

during the open day 2023 we did get to know the current artists in the art collective, their projects and what UAC art Platform is about.

Anxiety Project

This is a series that encompasses a collection of performances and exhibitions curated by Beatriz Gonzalez Rodriguez as part of her research into the exploration of ‘ugly emotions’ such as anxiety.

Postcards from Aarhus

Series of photo walks crafted by Katharina Ya. No photography skills or fancy cameras are required. Just grab your comfiest shoes and any camera or phone you have!

Sketching a public artwork

SOCIALLY ENGAGED ART PROJECT by Beatriz Gonzalez Rodriguez Sketching a Collective Public Artwork This artwork consists in a series of happening, workshops and exhibitions that will go from October 2023 until April 2024. During this period, the artist in residency Beatriz GR will engage with the community and  neighborhood of Folkehuset Ankersgade with the goal […]


Community project by Sarafina Kimø Fer-mentor-skab What is Fer.mentor.skab?  Ferment: the culinary practice of using microbes to transform ingredients into new products, often more flavourful, nutritious and with longer shelf-lives Mentor: A person who guides you. In this community, we seek to be mentors for each other, each teaching what we can offer.  Skab: Danish word […]

Storytelling Circle

Artivism Workshop facilitated by Sara Domingo Bräuner Storytelling Circle This is an open space for people to gather and share stories for the heart. Welcome to our monthly storytelling event, where we invite you to join us in weaving connections through the magic of narratives. Regardless of your background, age, status, or beliefs, this space […]

KALAS Improvisation Collective

MUSIC IMPROVISATION COLLECTIVE by Amidea Clotet and Jeppe Hjøllund KALAS KALAS is an art platform of improvised music created in hope that musicians can more easily find each other, gather together, create, think, and share — for thought and art are collective activities — free from the conventions of the traditional concert form. This platform, […]

S.O.S “Save Our Soul” [in progress]

Art Installation BY BEATRIZ GONZALEZ RODRIGUEZ Save OurSoul S.O.S is a transportable art installation in solidarity with refugees in Denmark which will be shown in different parts of Aarhus (e.g. gardens, playgrounds or on the seaside). Giant S.O.S letters will be made out of 1000 flowers made of plastic waste, which will be collected from different cities […]